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Fate Grand Order Mobile Game- History Explained [FGO]

I’m gonna be honest, even though fate grand order wasn’t above and beyond, but they completely captivated us. My full attention was when any servant goddess grand assassin or wizard, was using their noble phantasms. These were such momentous feats that I couldn’t help but be in awe at what I was watching every single time. They truly captured the essence of how impactful a noble phantasm should be.

I think a greater level of appreciation for these noble phantasms could be had, especially when you take into account how these ultimate abilities tie into their character’s deeper lore. So let’s go through each noble phantasm in the order they appeared in the anime and talk a little bit about what exactly that power was. And if you want to know the full extent of each servant’s origins and powers then feel free to check out my other sovereign profile, videos as well, but now, let’s begin right from the episode, 0 and 1.

Detailed Explanation about Fate Grand Order History

Lord Camelot castle of the distant utopia, wasn’t the greatest fighter, but his defensive nature and tactician mentality were unrivaled and it’s his heroic spirit. That’S infused into mash’s body to make this shielder demi servant. Lord Camelot is a noble phantasm that represents the very castle. The knights of the round table resided in the shield itself are said to be made from the round table and it’s meant to provide the same form of protection that the towering walls of Camelot once did.

What it does is generate a conceptual defensive barrier that scales in strength with proportion to the willpower of its user. This means that it’s not a physical barrier, with a fixed ceiling for how much damage it can take. It’s a protection of the soul that doesn’t register on the laws of physics, so long as mash doesn’t lose hope. Lord Camelot will not falter so, given that there’s no limit to the amount of defense it can produce, it’s one of the most powerful defensive, noble phantasms, second, probably only to Avalon. In episode 2, we see in Ketu use the age of Babylon the wisdom of the people. It’S interesting to note that without this noble phantasm, Gilgamesh’s Gatling gun variant to his gate of Babylon wouldn’t even exist. You see the age of Babylon allows and kiru to create any type of weapon. He wants from the earth as a living weapon himself, one that was created by the gods.

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Why Gilgamesh is the best Servant in FGO?

He can generate any tool or weapon. He needs from the ground each being a brand new original creation of the highest quality, so when Gilgamesh first encountered this never-ending onslaught of weapons being projected at him, his only way to keep up was to do the same. He matched in kiru’s output of weapons by launching his own directly from the gate of Babylon. At the time, the two were evenly matched as ankito’s age of Babylon was perfectly equal to Gilgamesh’s gate. It was a power strong enough to keep Gilgamesh occupied in the battle for days and no less against a Gilgamesh that was in his pride. If you want to know which one’s stronger then perhaps take a look towards fate, strange fate. But while we’re on the topic of Gilgamesh, the caster version, we see in fate grand order uses a significantly weaker version of the gate of Babylon.

Remember since Gilgamesh distributed all his weapons, except for magical stabs to the people of Uruk, his gate of Babylon has lost a lot of offensive power now, rather than bombarding his opponents with swords and spears, he instead opens the gate to cast a barrage of long-ranged, Spells it’s not as strong as his archer version, but luckily he has another noble phantasm that we’ll talk about later next up from episode 8. Shauna’s wandering tales, a special type of noble phantasm that consists of five different secret techniques depicted from her numerous legends which are the best for fate grand order 2020 tier list.

Ushiwakamaru (Minamoto no Yoshitsune)- The best warrior?

These legends all stem from defining moments in ushiwakamaru’s life as the renowned and fearsome military commander of the Genji clan. Unfortunately, we only got to see two of these techniques in action. The first was assumidori short steps with the heavenly blade, a single powerful slash with her asumi Dori blade. That is very difficult to dodge reason being that the strike is preceded by an advanced martial arts technique, known as shikuchi a technique that allows ushiwakamaru to almost instantly close the distance between herself and her opponent. Her second defeat was the jumping of the eight ships at da no UDA.

This refers back to the legendary sea battle of don no UDA. In the year 1185  Ushiwakamaru was leading the entire Genji naval fleet against the rival Taira clan. So what this noble phantasm embodies was the act of ushiwakumaru leaping between ships during raging tides to best the enemy clan in hand to hand combat it’s this feat that enables her to not only jump higher but also traverse any sort of terrain. So long as there is a minimal foothold making it look as if jumping between gorgon’s hair was child’s play. Now those were only acting 2 and act 4 of her wandering tales.

There are still 3 other techniques that provide more to ushiwakumaru’s kit act. One is called the eye of shiva, detecting the six secret teachings, an ability that instantly relocates every person within a specified area. It’S highly useful for breaking enemy ranks and causing mass confusion on the battlefield. Act. 3 is bent kitty steadfast position, a more defensive technique that creates an imitation of ben Kaye’s body to block an incoming attack. The more faith ushiwakamaru has in banker the stronger the spent case. Martin spider, slayer. Imagine if ushiwakumaro was part of the Nashira and she could use breathing techniques to make her blade super effective against demons. That’S pretty much what this is bringing us to the last technique of her wandering tales.

Fight with the Spartans in Fate GO

Now, in that same fight with a gorgon, we then got to see Leonidas use, Thermopylae animation, guardian of the hot gates. If you’ve ever seen the movie 300, then this noble phantasm is pretty much an embodiment of that event. It’S a reenactment of the 300 spartans led by Leonidas, who defended against a Persian invasion force of 100 000, just as it was in history. This snowball phantasm is typically used as a counter-attack. It initiates with the summoning of 300 spartans each possessing a mid-range endurance rank. That’S pretty decent for any servant of FGO. Their purpose is to defend Leonidas and his master from the enemy’s attack. After holding that defense Leonidas then launches a counter-attack that scales in power with the number of spartans left over.

If you take into account what we saw in Babylonia, it’s almost as if the counter-attack looked as powerful as the defense itself, but at its core, this is a more defensive, noble phantasm than anything else. The counter-attack is just a nice little bit of damage on top. After all, we remember the battle of Thermopylae, not for his offensive turns on the Persian army, but rather his outstanding defense that resisted their consistent advances for three days straight next, we have Quetzalcoatl’s the winged serpent, a pterosaur from the Jurassic age, whose name derives from This mesoamerican goddess, the pterosaur itself, is the noble phantasm except the ones that she summons aren’t your everyday quetzalcoatlus from the cretaceous period. No for someone as strong as Quetzalcoatl, she writes a significantly more powerful phantasmal version of them divine beasts that have authority over lightning winds and rain, giving them the ability to manipulate these aspects of the world. I. It’s hard to interpret how this attack relates to Ereshkigal’s actual myth.

The Connection between Lana and Asriel

I mean Lana was her husband once upon a time, but how that affects the impact of this powerful spare strike is yet to be revealed immediately after this fight, the old man of the mountain appears and uses Asriel the angel that announces death, although it appears That the noble phantasm’s effect is caused by the sword. That’S not the case at all. The sword he wields has no name, it’s nothing more than a common weapon that anyone could use. No Asriel is the essence of the noble phantasm itself.

It’S the ability or technique to impose the concept of death onto literally anything by applying ezreal to his sword, be it a person primordial god or even abstract concept. Like Ereshkigal’s connection to the three goddess alliance, he can impose death onto each of these things with a single cut, so basically he can kill anything not to mention that as someone who is quite literally the physical embodiment of death, anything he imposes death upon then. Has a low chance of instantly dying? That’S pretty crazy, especially when you consider that Tiamat could have been one shot when she gained the concept of death anyway, the name this noble phantasm takes after is the angel of death.

Supposedly, when god created death, death looked at Azrael and proceeded to submit to him because of this asriel gained the authority to determine what shall live and what shall die. So it’s a very fitting name for an ability possessed by someone who pretty much has that same responsibility. In the episode, 14 and 15 anna reveals her possession of the mystic eyes Sibley the same eyes possessed by her future self medusa. The thing is: medusa possesses these eyes. As a skill allowing her to use the petrification ability whenever she wants, however, due to being a younger version of medusa anna, she hasn’t gained these mystic eyes, yet she can only use them while calling her noble, phantasm caress of the medusa embrace of the goddess.

It’S pretty straightforward, just a single target attack that turns the opponent to stone, typically opening up a window to strike that the opponent would not be able to defend skipping to episode 17. Now that Tiamat has entered the stage it’s time for the goddesses to show their true power. First, we saw Ishtar use, ago Takashi mountain range shaking firewood of venus. It’S a representation of the myth where Ishtar comes across a mountain whose natural beauty far surpasses her own. Being a goddess of beauty meant that this mountain’s very existence was an affront to her authority.

Therefore, she thought that it shouldn’t be allowed to exist, so she trampled over the entire mountain, with an increasing amount of divine force in every step, then, with a single thrust of her spear into the mountain’s core, she caused the entire range to collapse. It’S this act of annihilating an entire mountain. That’S replicated by this noble phantasm. First, Ishtar activates mana’s warp function to open up a portal to venus, as it was during the age of the gods, then using her authority as a goddess of venus.

The History’s part where Quetzalcoatl was introduced in FGO

She creates a copy of the entire planet projects it into a form. That’S shootable from her bow then fires it like an arrow towards her enemy, dealing an impact strong enough to shatter entire mountains shortly after this Quetzalcoatl used both her noble phantasms in, what’s probably the best scene in the entire anime. First, she used piedra del sol, the sunstone, the monolith we saw at the top of her temple in episode 11.. During the era of the Aztecs, it was a megalith that allowed them to observe the past in the future.

Now it serves as Quetzalcoatl’s primary symbol of worship because of this, it’s what provides her with a significant portion of her divinity and subsequent power. So what this noble phantasm does is open up a gate that releases a portion of Quetzalcoatl’s authority over the sun, allowing her to unleash these solar winds that scorch everything in their path, almost as if she was using the sun itself to burn the entire landscape. It’S an ability so strong that not only did it burn away a majority of Tiamat’s mud, but it also turned the ground into molten lava. It’S even been said to have enough literal firepower to vaporize Urdu in its entirety, but it’s Pietro del sol.

That sets the stage for the variant of her much stronger. Second noble phantasm, the one that imitates the impact of the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs, ayah cotton flame burn, even gods to ashes in mythology. It’S meant to symbolize her temple in flames, the one that she willingly burned to the ground to prevent a rival god from gaining the treasures inside normally, this is translated into an ability that envelops the opponent with fire, then prevents them from using their Noble Phantasm, however, due to her passion for Lucha libre, she modified it to tie more into her origins as a goddess on earth when not fighting Tiamat, the regular zaika waddle would be a devastating pile driver or dropkick from thousands of meters in the air.

Why is Piedra del Sol’s Dropkick so renowned in Fate Grand Order’s History

A dropkick that we now know as, but when that’s combined with the power output from Piedra del Sol, the dropkick becomes enhanced to the point where it would affect similar to a mass extinction level, Meteorite. She leaps into space then falls into a dropkick that replicates the power of the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs, the same meteorite that brought this goddess to our planet. Millions of years ago, in the next episode, gorgon used pandemonium, Jesus forced seal pandemonic temple. This is a rather terrifying, noble phantasm because by calling its true name, medusa gives up the part of her that’s a goddess.

She essentially accepts the fact that she’s the monster that everyone in greek mythology made her out to be, and by doing so, she truly becomes the gorgon. The fully metamorphosized version of medusa that devoured, her sisters, medusa typically tries to deny this fact with all her heart. She tries her best to cling to the only part of her that wasn’t monstrous her divinity that’s why she would become so enraged whenever anna peritonitis would call her gorgon. It’S also why she hates to use this noble phantasm doing so would be the same thing as accepting her true form, and that was something she wanted to avoid at all costs, but when she does finally come to terms with what she is well, that’s when We can see medusa at her strongest by turning into the true gorgon with pandemonium fetus.

Everything around her becomes petrified and all organic life becomes liquefied. Anything turned to the stone has zero normal means of returning to normal, so anything short of a servant caught within this noble phantasm’s area of attack likely gets turned into a puddle of blood and bones, or becomes a statue for the rest of eternity shortly after this Gilgamesh uses the noble phantasm, that’s unique to his caster form, malamudingur king’s signal cannon. Remember Gil gave his collection of weapons to the people of Uruk, each of which was intended to be launched from the dangers mounted along the walls of the city.

But when king’s signal cannon is called Gilgamesh gains, control of all 360 dingers, proceeding to fire them simultaneously to launch a concentrated barrage of, what’s essentially the collective power of mankind. Every weapon from Gilgamesh’s treasury is launched at the target and given what we saw in the anime, that’s pretty much exactly what happened. So it’s a very straightforward novel phantasm. What may have been a bit more confusing was when Nikita turned his own body into the chains of heaven to fight Tiamat.

Why is kiru so important player

This was then kiru’s. Second noble, phantasm, Enuma Elish o humans. Let us restrain the gods as an existence created for the sole purpose of keeping Gilgamesh bound to the heavens. Anima elish was the ultimate attack to do just that, but after becoming Gilgamesh’s friend, he instead chose to use this power for the sake of humanity. So what happens is and kiru uses a significant amount of energy from the world to transform his own body into a divine construct that the world can recognize. In this case, it was the chains of heaven then just like how he does with an age of Babylon. He launches himself at the target for a large-scale piercing attack.

What’S unique about this double phantasm, though, is that the source of its power comes directly from the counterforce. What this means is that the more of a threat to humanity, the opponent is the stronger aikido’s attack will be it’s a noble phantasm. That’S meant to preserve the integrity of the world and its people. In the episode, 20 Ereshkigal uses her noble phantasm to create an attack that replicates the same feat of Ishtar, destroying the mountain kirkigal or Kala, the bellows of Kerr that tramples upon icker. It’S essentially the same, noble phantasm as Ishtar’s, but rather than the attack being shot from the heavens to the earth below it’s.

Instead, an attack from the underworld to the ground above Ereshkigal can materialize a shrine given to her by her husband, a god who was known to rule the underworld at her side. By summoning this shrine, Ereshkigal pretty much brings the underworld to her granting her all the authorities she would normally have, while in the underworld, even when not being in the underworld. The attack itself certainly isn’t as strong as Ishtar’s, but it does open up the field for urachal to become more useful. Now I was hoping that merlin using the garden of Avalon would have given us more context on what this snowball phantasm does, but unfortunately, we didn’t get too much info.

As I’m sure you know, merlin is usually trapped within the eternal utopia of Avalon a place within no person can die and no evil can exist. It’S a perfectly pure land, free from the decay and destruction of the natural world. When merlin calls this noble, phantasm the area around the tower called the garden of Avalon is replicated, he pretty much summons portions of Avalon to the immediate area.

This is how the story of Fate Grand Order Ended

Now what I assume happens after is that, because merlin has materialized Avalon itself, the blessings that come from being within Avalon’s domain are applied as well. Anyone within these summoned areas could very well be immune to curses or even death, making it a very useful defensive ability, though the full extent of this noble phantasm remains a mystery, which honestly is something we’ve already come to expect from merlin. Finally, we get to what could very well be the strongest noble phantasm in the entire fate universe, aya, which produces the devastating attack anima Alice now aya isn’t something that can be so easily explained.

In a few lines, I can spend an entire post discussing its complex nature and origins. I suppose the important aspect to know is that aya is this primordial sword that can create winds, that tear the very fabric of space they’re described as compressed and intertwined layers of wind that turn into gaps between space and time. These result in an undefendable attack that tends to destroy everything in its path anywhere. The wind’s cut, a void of nothingness will open up and begin to swallow up the surrounding area. It’s an attack that attempts to replicate the very instance of creation genesis.

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